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Your Business Needs A Website

Over half of all small businesses still don't have a website. But is having a website really that essential for your business? In today's climate, yes it is.

Did you know that there are 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today? And when you consider that almost 80% of those users have used a mobile device to find a service or to make a purchase online in the last 6 months, then yes! To answer the question, having a website is critical for the sustained growth of your business.

What you have to remember is that a website works for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn't need 8 hours of sleep per night. It doesn't take annual holidays or even takes the weekends off..
GDD methodology

Growth-Driven Design

The traditional website design methodology is broken for several reasons. It's costly, it's time and resource-consuming, and it leaves little room for further improvements to be made once the website has been shipped back to the client.

Growth-Driven Design, (GDD for short), is a smarter and more effective approach to modern website design that focuses on three key stages. The planning and strategizing phase, the launchpad phase, and the continuous improvement phase.
Growth-Driven Design reduces frustration and risks for your business. It drives results based on real user-data analysis, and it will help to improve and accelerate the growth of your business! You can learn more about the Growth-Driven Design methodology here.

UX Design And Development

As a freelance UX designer and developer, I work primarily with WordPress and Oxygen Builder. I consider WordPress to be the most powerful and flexible, open-source CMS platform available. It's also very manageable. WordPress is the ideal solution for any professional website development project.
The GDD Process

How I Work

Below you will find the detailed process that I undertake for developing a GDD website from start to finish.

- strategizing

I will have an in-depth and detailed discussion with you to get a better perspective, and empathetic understanding of your business, website goals, and conversion objectives.

- launchpad

Using the information I've collected from the strategy meeting with you, including any other research material, I will then begin the process of designing and then developing a launchpad website.

- improvement

Once the launchpad website is live, through collaboration and the collection of new user data, we can begin making an essential list of tweaks and improvements to begin rolling out to your website over time.
In addition to website design and development, I can also provide personalized advice as well and website maintenance. If you have an existing WordPress website that you need help with, please book a consultation here.
What do you need?

Types Of Websites

I can design and build any type of website that you need for your business or cause. Below is a list of some of these websites. We can discuss specifics in greater detail during our 30-minute consultation call.
SMB Websites
Informative / Brochure websites
Personal / Professional Brand Websites
E-commerce / Online Payment Websites
Hotel / Villa Booking Websites
Stay In Touch

Let's Work Together

If you're looking for a modern, user-friendly, conversion-ready website, optimized for mobile, speed, and performance, then let's have a friendly chat about your ideas and goals.

Growth-Driven Design Form

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Additional Information

Important Note

Although I do take deadlines into consideration, building a peak-performance website that accelerates growth for your business is a marathon and not a sprint, therefore the engagement length can vary depending on your goals and scope of work required. Read my FAQ Page for more info

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If you have any questions to ask before you book your consultation, please use the contact information below. I can only answer questions regarding my services, i.e. fees, availability, etc. Any design or marketing related questions should be added to your list of questions to ask during our consultation.

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